Level II: Senior Crew

Philosophy: License to learn

Well versed in all aspects of ballooning and capable of instruction to new crew. Applicant should meet requirements in Level I plus have experience in: -having awareness and respect for landowner's rights -unloading basket -installing uprights, burner and instruments -working both sides of the mouth during inflation -monitoring deflation line during inflation -securing deflation port -working the crown line duration inflation -securing fan before chase -navigating & balloon spotting in chase vehicle & operation radios (if used) -participating in a drop line procedure -turning off fuel -disconnecting cables and removing uprights -helping pack balloon and loading basket on vehicle -completion of eight or more units of BFA continuing education program within the last 12 months, or a working knowledge of 'BFA Ground Crew Manual' -being a current member of the Balloon Federation of America

Minimum crews: 30

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