Level III: Crew Chief

Philosophy: Competent crew

Would have good understanding of flight operation and excellent understanding of all ground operations, including area of liability and emergency procedures. Applicant should meet requirements for Level II, plus have experience in: -completion of 8 or more units of BFA continuing education program within the last 12 months -reading pibal heading -plotting probable course by estimating wind speed and direction -being capable of giving passenger pre-flight briefing -inspecting cables before final pilot check -connecting temperature gauge -weigh off -driving and navigating in chase vehicle -disconnecting gas lines and removing burner -assisting in refueling tanks -tying at least three different knots used in balloon operations-including a bowline-and being capable of teaching the knots to others *

Applicant must also have completed three of the following six tasks:
* crew for three separate flights in unfamiliar geographic territory * crew for three high density (more than 25 balloons) flights * crew (including chase) for one gas balloon flight
* directly communicate with and assist pilot in at least two drop line procedures
* participate in
three tethers *crew for two airship flights
Minimum crews: 75

* knot information available by writing to BFA office

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